Static Equipment

Alzamil Metal Works Factory manufactures different process equipment that complies with applicable International Codes & Standards. Our factory-made equipment is designed to fully meet customer & project specifications as well as particular industry practices.

Since 1980, AZMWF was able to build an extensive track record of offering complete EPCM solutions of non-pressure static equipment’s used in various industries such as: Ico Power Generation, Food and Beverage Industry, Mining,  Cement Plants,  Water Desalination, Textile, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Marines, Waste water treatment plants and Other Industries

Our Process equipment products are made from different types of alloys and come with diverse shapes depending on each industry requirement and can range from but not limited to: Heavy Bins, Agitators, Chutes, Mixers, Special Process Silos, Dryers, Stacks, Dost Collectors, Chimneys Furnaces, Sand Traps, Industrial Ovens, Conveyors and Others

We employ skilled teams, cost effective methods, quality focus, and swift execution programs, to ensure a pleasant working experience for our clients, and never hesitate to take the extra mile to achieve client satisfaction.