About Alzamil

A state-of-the-art Saudi leading business partner, Alzamil Metal, with its extensive experience of more than 40 years in the industry, is specialized in steel fabrication and construction of static equipment: Storage Tanks (Internal/External Floating Roof, Steel Cone/Dome Roofs, Aluminum Dome Roofs) and ASME Pressure Vessels, Columns, and other steel fabricated products.

Al Zamil has been actively participating in the most flag-ship projects in Saudi Arabia, which has established us as a reputed key player for fabrication, construction, installation, quality control, safety, project management, environment sustainability, and after market services, making us a top selective partner of prime choice for all customers in the Oil & Gas, Water, and Infrastructure Sectors.

Al Zamil employs advanced welding technologies and fabrication methods for ensuring quality standards, performance and lead times accomplishment, while offering value added economic designs to support customers’ needs and their required technical specifications..  Read more…


Since our foundation, Alzamil Metal Industrial Company have aimed to align its activity on three core Values: Quality, Sustained Growth and Transparency.

Quality is essential to our competitive edge. We must seek to exceed expectations in terms of our products, processes and performance, combining our long term knowledge with keen business acumen and a desire to excel on the execution of the our final products. We aspire to achieve high levels of performance in all the septs of each business case and final product reliability is paramount.
Throughout the last four decades, Alzamil Metal understands and nurses the value of long term partnerships, with all the entities of the business community, from Government Bodies, Suppliers and Customers. Our strategic thinking is shaped by ensuring a competitive cost position versus the competition, but also taking into account commercial and business success. By believing on those bases, we keep growing on a solid and secure path which generate long-term leadership as a reference in our sector for a Sustained healthy Growth.
As an united group, Shareholders, Management and Operational Teams all together are guided for Ethical Working Principles , Mutual Respect and Transparency on our deliveries internally and with external actors. We believe that Alzamil Metal Industrial Company role model in the Saudi society is an invaluable reputational asset for the long term.