Boilers and HRSGs Accessories

Alzamil Metal Works Factory is a global leader in the manufacturing of Boilers and HRSGs accessories with a vision to be undisputed as the industry frontrunner. The high level of quality and reliability of our manufactured product is due to the emphasis on engineering, manufacturing  and our full compliance to applicable international standards such as ASME, AWS & ASCI, in addition to acquiring and adopting customized technology and skilled manpower.

AZMWF provides premium Engineering, Fabrication, Testing, Supply and Installation Services of Boilers and HRSGs Accessories including but not limited to: Gas and Air Ducts, Boiler Outer and Inner Casings, Boiler Roof and Bottom Housings, Screen Plates, Insulation Supports and Pipe Seals. Each manufactured product is verified by quality control system to ensure compliance with International Codes & Standards and customer specifications requirements. We provides a pragmatic approach and an unparalleled dedication to our customers, and will take the extra mile to achieve its client expectation.