Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our strategy is designed to maintain our position as the Storage Solutions leading company for the long-term in Saudi Arabia, with our main two flagship products: Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels. enabling us to deliver value to shareholders and all stakeholders, in a rapidly demanding Saudi economy development, where Storage Solutions demand will continue to rise, on numbers, on geographic expansion and as well as on more sophisticated products.

Our large and solid experience and technical know-how provides us with a unique opportunity to strength our position in other key products, manufacturing processes and general industrial services.

Within the systems and methodologies deeply rooted in our Teams, we aim to present ourselves in the industrial community of Saudi Arabia as a 360 player on fabricated complex engineering system, within a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes, such as metal structures, coating, surface and thermo treatments processes, and aftermarket services (maintenance & shutdown activities) not exclusively linked with our products, but within our expertise frontiers.

Parallel to those engineering and processes targets, Al Zamil Industrial Company aims to expand its presence into the GCC business community, by adding volume to our operations but also welcoming new partners accounts, both GCC local players and MNC with a key and strategic presence in the Middle East.

Although Al Zamil Metal is a key market leader in the Water and Oil & Gas sectors within our products portfolio, our technical and business foundations lead us for a sector diversification, following the reformist motto of the country Vision 2030 and therefore it is on our strategic aim to strength our position in also strategic sectors of the Saudi Arabia, mainly Defense, Agriculture, Mining and Automotive.

Maintaining a strong balance sheet provides the financial flexibility critical to select key investments in our existing asset base, as well as enabling us to take advantage of opportunities to transform for the future, ensuring long-term sustainability and consistent shareholder returns.

Our ability to successfully execute this strategy is down to our people. Recognizing our unique organizational DNA, we work to maintain the initiative spirit and passion for excellence, constant training and skills improvement that supports our growth and is key to our future success. Embracing Digitalization with People across all our functions is enabling us not only to release value through efficiencies but to also transform the way we operate and, in some cases, change the very value chain itself, by becoming a truly reliable and, cost competitor and accurate executer.

Al Zamil Metal Industrial Company not only supports, but significantly personifies Saudi Arabia Vision 2030, as a unique transformative economic and social reform blueprint helping Saudi Arabia opening to the world of challenges.